Enabling digital,
human banking

Pivotus enables banks to build human relationships with their digital customers.

People-focused, results driven

Community banks and credit unions are using our Engage solution to help accomplish their critical business goals, from member onboarding to deposit growth to operations transformation.

Digital branch expansion

Stretch the boundaries of the branch into new areas, rural areas, or new customer segments- digitally - without sacrificing your cornerstone service.

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New account onboarding

Introduce your bank to new customers the right way - with a friendly face that guides them through account opening and becomes their financial guru from that day forward.

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Major transactions

Career changes, weddings, home buying... a trusted advisor can support customers through these milestones ensuring customer satisfaction and retention.

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Follow the leaders

Forward-thinking banks and credit unions around the world saw the potential of Engage and adopted early.  Umpqua Bank and others have successfully incorporated Engage into their digital innovation strategies.


More than software

Powerful SaaS software that fosters digital relationship development is only part of the solution. Even with all the sophisticated technology behind Engage helping your agents be their best, the transformation of your bank's operation remains a big job.

That's why your Engage license includes access to our Transformation Services library. From audience engagement strategies to agent training to experimentation and metrics frameworks to templates for customer communication... and so much more, our Transformation Services library and Transformation consulting team are here to ensure your success.

Ready for your digital transformation?

We have a package to fit your scale and our Transformation team is standing by